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The information provided on this page is a summary of the services provided by Raminpour Law, PLC. It in no way constitutes legal advice.

Raminpour Law, PLC, routinely represents home and business owners, prospective sellers and purchasers, real estate developers, investors, and both landlords and tenants in a broad range of residential and commercial real estate matters.

Our team of experienced attorneys approach real estate transaction from a results-driven perspective. We focus on listening to our clients’ objectives and goals and setting out a course of action to achieve these goals.

Residential and Commercial Real Estate Settlements

At Raminpour Law, PLC, our real estate settlement attorneys provide you with skilled, experienced, and reassuring assistance through the entire settlement process. Our lawyers understand that purchasing and refinancing a home is the largest financial transaction most people ever make, which can easily create stress and anxiety. We are here to provide expert legal counsel before, during, and after the real estate closing.

Residential real estate settlement attorney services include:

  • Ensuring that the terms of the contract or loan commitment are followed and accurately reflected in the final settlement documents.
  • Researching the land records and reviewing the property title to be certain all liens, mortgages, judgments, and other legal matters are properly addressed prior to settlement.
  • Reviewing the survey to be certain any encroachments, easements, or other survey matters are properly addressed prior to settlement.
  • Acting as escrow agent and making sure that all of the money being distributed in the transaction is properly allocated.
  • Preparing the deed of trust, HUD-1 settlement statement, and other settlement documents.
  • Supervising the execution of the settlement documents and conducting the closing.
  • Transferring and recording the property in the land records.
  • Acting as a title insurance agent, issuing title insurance to owners and lenders.

Purchase and Sale of Residential and Commercial Real Estate

Our attorneys at Raminpour Law, PLC, routinely represent commercial and residential real estate owners, purchasers, and investors in all aspects of asset acquisition, financing, and disposition. We can provide legal counsel to individuals and entities trading, owning, and managing residential and commercial real estate property.

We provide a wide range of commercial real estate services to buyers, sellers, developers, and investors in real estate purchase, sale, and financing transactions. Our mission is to maximize value, minimize risk, and close the property transaction on schedule. We offer effective and efficient drafting, review, and negotiation services for every step of the real estate process, including:

  • Letters of Intent (LOIs)
  • Letters of Mutual Understanding (LOMU)
  • Financing Agreements including Deeds of Trust, Indemnity Deeds of Trust, and Various Types of Promissory Notes
  • Purchase and Sale Agreements
  • Sale Lease Back Agreements
  • Loan Modifications
  • Equipment Financing Agreements
  • Partnership Agreements
  • Write-downs and Workouts

Landlord-Tenant Disputes

Our attorneys have years of experience representing both commercial and residential landlords and tenants in lease and other disputes. We are effective at steering disputes toward settlement, but where real estate litigation is unavoidable, we aggressively fight to get our client’s the best outcome possible.

When tenants fail to perform, property owners rely on Raminpour Law, PLC, to lead them through the often challenging process of enforcing their rights. Our attorneys are knowledgeable in the legal options open to the landlord, whether injunctive actions, suits for possession, actions for damages, or collection from guarantors. Our expertise in bankruptcy also allows our attorneys to explain how to best protect landlords in tenant bankruptcy proceedings, how the bankruptcy may affect their lawsuits, if there is the possibility of recovering amounts owed, and how to regain possession of the premises.

For residential property landlords, we offer our experience with the legal protections particular to residential tenants. We know that cost-effective and responsive service is essential while being mindful of the consequences of compliance failures by landlords and seeking to minimize our clients’ exposure to unnecessary risk.

Residential and Commercial Leases

Raminpour Law, PLC, represents both landlords and tenants of commercial and residential properties. This allows us to have an overall understanding of the intricate details of the lease and how they affect both the landlord and the tenant. Our attorneys provide insightful and practical advice to our clients regarding the lease and the potential issues that may arise and the possible resulting consequences.

We understand that the landlord wants to assure the integrity of its property, achieve a satisfactory return on investment, attract favorable financing, and to preserve effective remedies for tenant noncompliance. We also understand that the tenant desires a suitable environment for its business or residence, flexibility in its use rights, predictable costs, a fair allocation of risks, and assurance of services. Our attorneys know how to zealously represent your interest and desires, whether you are the tenant or landlord, while balancing them with the other party’s interests. We will use our experience to draft the appropriate lease for our client and review and negotiate the terms of the lease with the other party.